Fast and reliable easy-to-use-diagnostics for eliminating Bilharzia in young children and mothers


Fieldwork update from Gabon

An update from Gabon: from traveling to the field sites and recruiting pregnant women in the field to testing urine samples with different diagnostic tests in the laboratory at CERMEL, Lambaréné.

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The freeBILy trials kick off in Gabon and Madagascar

The recruitment of the first study participants for the freeBILy trials in Gabon and Madagascar has officially started. Enrolment of the first pregnant women started in Gabon in the middle of February and in Madagascar in the beginning of April. The start of...

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Diagnostic training and implementation in Gabon and Madagascar

Prior to the freeBILy annual meeting, a laboratory training at CERMEL was organized by the LUMC team, with the goal of implementing several diagnostic assays that will be used in the freeBILy project in Gabon and Madagascar. During this training, local technicians...

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Annual meeting in Gabon

The freeBILy consortium annual meeting was held at the institute of our partner CERMEL, (Lambaréné, Gabon) from 14 to 15 February 2019. The meeting was attended by representatives from all consortium partners as well as invited guests from the Albert Schweitzer...

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Training and capacity building within the freeBILy project

An important aspect of the freeBILy project is to provide capacity building and training opportunities for both African and European centres in helminth diagnostic techniques, applied epidemiology and mother-child public health interventions. The aim of Workpackage 3...

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Update from the field – Madagascar

Currently, in both Gabon and Madagascar field sites are being prepared for the freeBILy study. Preparations include training of community health workers which is going to start Wednesday 21st of November 2018, for the Madagascar sites. In Madagascar, the project will...

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freeBILy at the EDCTP Forum in Lisbon

From 17-21 September, members of the freeBILy consortium joined the Ninth European Development and Clinical Trial Partnership (EDCTP) Forum in Lisbon. During this meeting Dr Govert van Dam had the opportunity to introduce the freeBILy project and to discuss the...

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Meet us at the EDCTP Forum 2018 in Lisbon

From 17-21 September, the Ninth EDCTP Forum will be held in Lisbon. The Forum brings together researchers from all over the world to discuss the theme ‘Clinical research and sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa: the impact of North-South...

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Kick-off meeting freeBILy project in Tübingen

The freeBILy consortium held a kick-off meeting in Tübingen, Germany from 3-4 May 2018. The meeting was attended by representatives of consortium partners from Madagascar, Gabon, Spain, Germany and The Netherlands as well as a representative from EDCTP....

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