The recruitment of the first study participants for the freeBILy trials in Gabon and Madagascar has officially started. Enrolment of the first pregnant women started in Gabon in the middle of February and in Madagascar in the beginning of April.

The start of recruitment in both countries has gone exceptionally well and this has been due in part to the preparedness and enthusiasm of well-organized local staff in both countries. Prior to the start of the recruitment, project staff were actively involved in community engagement which included the extensive education of potential participants on freeBILy project objectives, study procedures and expected outcomes.

Well-trained project staff in both countries are also prepared for all aspects of the project including sample collection and conducting all laboratory procedures.

Below some pictures from the recruitment in Madagascar:

CSB of Imerinsietoska, one of the Health Care centers in Madagascar, where pregnant women are being recruited.

The BNITM field team and the Madagascan team together in the field for the first day of recruitment

Fabrice, our freeBILy driver, accompanying the staff and supporting the activities on the first day of recruitment

Mamy (driver) and Noro (nurse) celebrating the first day of recruitment in Andina: training center for the intervention group of freeBILy Madagascar. Among 4 women recruited, 3 were positive and all accepted treatment.

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