Prior to the freeBILy annual meeting, a laboratory training at CERMEL was organized by the LUMC team, with the goal of implementing several diagnostic assays that will be used in the freeBILy project in Gabon and Madagascar. During this training, local technicians from CERMEL as well as the scientist heading the laboratory at CICM, Madagascar, were trained in performing these diagnostics assays, which included the up-converting phosphor lateral flow circulating anodic antigen (UCP-LF CAA) urine concentration assay, the UCP-LF antibody serum assay and a semi-quantitative approach for the POC-CCA.

The training consisted of theory lessons as well as practical sessions in the laboratory at CERMEL. We started with the training and implementation of the UCP-LF CAA assay including the use of the dedicated Labrox strip reader to analyse the results. Following the workshop, another set of materials were transported to Madagascar for further implementation of the CAA assay in the laboratory at CICM. This is the first time that both performing the test as well as reading the results with a dedicated strip reader are implemented in research laboratories of partner institutes outside the LUMC.

Dr. Abena Amoah giving an introduction to the CAA training on behalf of the LUMC team

Reading the strips and measuring the level of CAA

Performing the UCP-LF CAA assay in the laboratory at CERMEL

Group picture of all the technicians who attended the training, including the LUMC team

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