Currently, in both Gabon and Madagascar field sites are being prepared for the freeBILy study. Preparations include training of community health workers which is going to start Wednesday 21st of November 2018, for the Madagascar sites. In Madagascar, the project will be conducted in the Antananarivo and Fianarantsoa region. The principal investigator of the Madagascar trial, Professor Raphael Rakotozandrindrainy from the University of Antananarivo, has visited several sites to talk about the freeBILy study to potential participants as well as to community health workers, see pictures below.


Professor Raphael talking about schistosomiasis to pregnant women


Nurses of Primary Health Care Center (PHCC) Ilaka

Women waiting for the antenatal care (ANC) at Imersietoska in the Antananarivo region


Professor Raphael talking to women about freeBILy on the way to Fianarantsoa

Rice field workers on the way to Fianarantsoa


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